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How does the Rascal Dog Litter Box differ from other dog litter box systems??

IMPORTANT: The Rascal Dog Litter Box has sides, unlike other flat "tray" type boxes that have no depth to them. With the Rascal Dog Litter Box ,your dog will step into an easily accessible lowered front lip of the unit. The sides on the litter box are six inches high which allow for males to lift their leg so urine will not hit the walls or floors. A flat "tray" litter box does not contain the mess. Having sides on a box is equally important for female dogs. Their back end won't hang over the side as it would on a "tray" litter box.

Is there a weight limit on the size of a dog that can use the Rascal Dog Litter Box.

The litter box is designed for dogs 25 pounds and under. It is perfect for toy sized breeds for the original Rascal Dog Litter Box and 10 pounds and under for the Rascal Dog "Little Squirt".

How is the fecal matter cleaned from the box?

Simply pick up the stool with a paper towel/tiolet paper or a "poopie bag" and dispose of it properly. If your dog has a loose stool, rinse off the grass and throw the piece of canine grass in your washer.

Can an older dog be trained to use the Rascal Dog Litter Box?

Yes, but it will be a little more difficult than training a young puppy. I was able to train my dog Snoopy who is 13 years old. Be patient, offer plenty of treats and rewards and most importantly be consistent with the training. Remember, that your older dog was probably taught not to defecate or urinate at anytime in the house. Please keep your dog in a crate while training. If your dog is currently using pee pee pads or dog litter, then the transition is usually very easy. Please review my training tips on the Training Tips Tab.

Will the grass harm my pet if he eats it?

No, the product is not toxic and it is lead free. The product is actually designed to be placed in homeowners yards. It is pet and child safe.

Will two or more dogs use the same litter box?

Sure! They will try to be the "top dog" and urinate on top of each other's scent.

What is the purpose of the canine grass?

The grass serves several purposes. First, it is softer on your dog's paws and the grass fibers simulate natural grass. The potty experience needs to be pleasant so that your pet will return to use the litter box. Also, the grass covers up unsightly dried urine stains on the newspapers which are located in the bottom of the box under the support/drainage system. The grass has a rubber backing. The rubber backing helps to control and contain odors in the box if you don't have time to change the newspapers. The grass has factory installed holes which allows the urine to flow freely through to the newspapers into the bottom of the box.

Does the grass come scented?

Yes, each piece of "canine grass" is sprayed with an attraction scent to encourage your dog or puppy to use the box.

Is the Rascal Dog Litter Box portable?

Yes! It is very light weight, only 5 pounds. The unit has easy grip handles located on either side of the litter box.

Is the grass stain resistant?

Yes, urine and fecal matter will not stain the grass.

Is the Rascal Litter Box returnable?

Due to health and safety issues the litter box is not returnable. Be assured that the litter box that you are receiving is new product That has never been used. I do offer phone e-mail support if you have any difficulty in training your dog. We are here to help you to succeed in the litter box training of your dog or puppy! All packages are sent UPS Standard. A signature is not required to receive the package as most customers are busy and working. If you feel that your package may not be safe sitting at your front door, please contact the office for other arrangements, otherwise we will not be held liable.

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